Industry. Architecture.

This gallery is entitled “Industry,” but I believe that it has evolved into so much more over the years.  I began darkroom photography when I was in my early teens.  My first area of interest was industrial buildings – usually old, crumbling, and out of service.  I found a beauty in them, a lost treasure.  My desire to capture these gems became the primary source of my work in art school.  The first images in this gallery are darkroom developed and taken with the standard SLR.  You can see the evolution of my work with the first image beginning in 2001 (pardon the quality – they are scanned and over a decade old), changing with my adaptation to digital photography, with the last work done very recently.  I oscillate between black and white and rich, dramatic color… whichever I find appropriate to capture the mood and intensity of the photo.  

Thank you for viewing my gallery!

Art and Musings Collide.

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