2D Design Artwork.

I have been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember.  My mother has drawers upon drawers of my work from when I was a child and my old bedroom is packed with artwork from high school and college.  When I went away to college I decided to double major.  One of my majors was art – with a focus on photography and ceramics.  I also took a ton of figure drawing, advanced drawing, and painting courses.

As time went on, I became enamored with taking photos of cities and industrial parks.  This started to express itself in both my ceramics and drawings as well.  The majority of the work you will see in this current gallery is quite old – dating back to the early 2000s.  Some is newer – namely the large cityscapes – since I have just started drawing again.

My primary medium is water based and permanent marker, but I love to paint as well.  I will add more to this gallery as I return to the homestead and can snap photos of old work.  I’ll post my new drawings as they are done.

So I hope you enjoy.  Like my Facebook page or follow me on Twitter in order to know when this gallery has been updated!

Art and Musings Collide.

“Creating visual imagery is a state of mind. It involves the reproduction of what we see. But much more than that, itView full post »