Art and Musings Collide.

“Creating visual imagery is a state of mind. It involves the reproduction of what we see. But much more than that, it becomes an outlet to express feelings about what we experience.” – Tracy Sabin

Since I was a child art has been a part of my life.  I found it was a way to express myself when words weren’t enough.  It was a way to distract myself when things got difficult.  It became a way for me to tell a story that I wasn’t courageous enough to tell. 

As an adult, as I reflect up on my art from the past few decades, I can see the times I was content, times where things were stormy, and ways that my struggle with anxiety manifested itself in my work.  Today, as I present my art to the world, I offer up a challenge.  With each image I post I will detail the personal thoughts and feelings my work has elicited within me.  I encourage each of you who explore this site to comment on my images and share your own experience as you allow yourself to become inspired.

This blog is where my art and my personal musings collide.  I encourage you to do the same.